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lastdance_icons's Journal

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Hello everyone. Welcome to lastdance_icons. This icon community was created by myself (aka Laura, deepbluesea3929 or icon_possession)and is meant for the posting of my icons only. The reason for this community is so I can have a place to put all my icons and not have to constantly worry about them. I am very diverse I love lots of things and I believe that will come across in my icons. If there is something you are wanting to see don't hesitate to ask. Now don't get this confused with requesting me to make you an icon. So if their's a show, movie, or a band you want me to make icons for don't hesitate to ask and I will give you credit for the idea.


1) NO Hotlinking
2) Always give credit.
Please credit either
lastdance_icons or tarnishedspider
3) Please comment if you are taking a icon or
even if you just like the icons in general it
is always nice to know that someone likes your work.
4)Please do not alter any of my icons. A blank icon is not a base unless stated otherwise. If you want to add text or anything to an icon please ask me first.
5) No flamming or any drama of the sort I will be
very upset and you shall be banned.


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